BizTalk Rules Engine

If you are working with the BizTalk Rules Engine then here are two sites that are definitely worth checking out: Defining Business Rules and The Business Rules Manifesto    


Twin Cities BizTalk User Group

On September 22nd we held the first Twin Cities BizTalk User Group at the Microsoft offices in Bloomington, MN.  This was a great opportunity to see and talk to fellow BizTalk enthusiasts and catch up with people I hadn’t seen in a while. I would like to thank the other people who helped me put…


Schema Design Patterns:  Usage in BizTalk

The is the fifth of five entries talking about schema design patterns.  After looking at each of these schema design patterns now we can look at how we can use these design patterns in the BizTalk Editor.  So, lets create reusable structures.  Open the editor by creating a new schema.  When the schema appears in…