The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk

Alan Smith has created a great resource called "The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk".  He created a help file (.chm file) where he has incorporated some great content from many of the BizTalk Bloggers.  These include:

Alan Smith

Scott Woodgate

Christof Claessens

Lee Graber

Jeff Lynch

Stephen Kaufman

Jan Tielens

Darren Jefford

Kevin B Smith

Mike Holdorf

Peter Himschoot

Eldar Musayev

Kevin Lam

Gilles Zunino.


The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk is a free resource and can be downloaded from the GotDotNet Workspace.


This is a quote taken directly from the workspace about the guide.


"The aim of The Bloggers Guide to BizTalk is to provide the best of the online content produced by the BizTalk blogging community in an easily accessible format. All the content in the guide has been created by BizTalk developers who wish to share their knowledge and ideas with others in the developer community. The subjects of these contributions and the level of their complexity are varied, so there is information available for those who are new to BizTalk, as well as for advanced developers.


The posts are usually taken directly from the contributors blog, so the writing style of the contributions vary, and there is no guarantee that all the information is free of errors. Any feedback as to corrections can be made by commenting on the original article at the authors blog.


All contributions to the guide are gratefully received, and new contributors are always welcome.


The guide will be updated on a monthly basis, usually around the first of each month, the updates posted to the GotDotNet workspace. The guide will always be free to download, and kept up to date as new content becomes available. It is hoped that it will mature over time into a solid resource covering all aspects of BizTalk development at a number of levels."



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