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No bugs to fix?

One of the first things I usually do in the morning while I’m waiting for my espresso machine to heat up next to me is to check my bugs that need to be fixed.  We’re currently dogfooding our Work Item Tracking system so I launched Visual Studio and ran a query to get my active bugs.  Low and behold there were none!  This is a first in a while, could this be a bug in our system?  Nope we just hit ZBB (Zero Bug Bounce) yesterday, which means we fixed all our current active bugs for our milestone.  So does that mean there are no more bugs in the product?  Since we now want to stabilize our product to get ready for Beta 2 the bar for fixing bugs has gone up.  Which means it must be a serious bug that may affect our customers to get fixed.  I guess I have no work today, so I’m going snowboarding.

Ya I wish!  I’m now going to go do all the things I neglected last week while working towards ZBB.  And if I get through all those things then I can start working on other bugs that are post beta 2.  Even if I did leave to go snowboarding, have you heard how horrible this winter has been in the Northwest?  I don’t think any ski resorts are open right now.  I went to Whister the week before Christmas and they usually have great snow, but it was the worst conditions I’ve ever seen there.  The bottom half of the hill was closed and it was mostly ice at the top.  It leaves me to wonder about all the people out of work that make a living at these hills.  Perhaps it’s not too late, snow can still come.  Then on the other hand it nice to have 10-15 degree (that’s Celcius, what can I say I’m Canadian) weather in January and February.

As I look to my right, green light means water is hot, time for my double Americano.



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