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Please welcome me to blogworld.


Well you’re probably wondering who I am.  My name is Sam Jarawan and I’m a software developer on the Team Foundation Server Team.  Specifically I’m what we call a backend or middle tier developer on the “Work Item Tracking” aka “Currituck” team.  I’m responsible for most of the middle tier work for work item tracking. 

The middle tier is a set of web service methods that interact with our SQL database.  We build nice SQL batches and then process the data returned and send them back to our caller.  The caller is usually our WIT OM (Work Item Tracking Object Model).  Although it is possible for someone to call our web services directly, it’s highly encouraged to use the OM, since there is a lot going on in there, such as caching and processing  the metadata.  Some of the other areas I own are file attachments (upload/download but not the UI or OM parts) and also the WIT email notifications.

I plan on putting up daily blurbs here (we’ll see if I can stick with that) and hopefully answer any questions you may have relating to the areas above.  So please feel free to ask them, if I can’t answer them at least I can forward them on to someone else.

Hope to hear from you soon.



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