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New MSDN/TechNet Forums Update going live today!

It’s been a great few of months working on our MSDN/TechNet Social Platform.  It’s hard to believe we’re ready to go live today.  I’ve been very focussed on the forums side of things but we’ve got some great other new features like Social Bookmarking, a new profile page and improved MSDN/TechNet/Expression Search Autocomplete.  Check out Jeff… Read more

Forums 3.0 releases today along with Community Platform 1.0

Today my team has released Community Platform 1.0 with our all new Microsoft Forums 3.0 Web Application. I’m the dev lead on the new forums app and we’ve had a ton of fun building this since most of us use forums in our daily lives and wanted to make this the best experience we could.  We… Read more

Mix 07 was great

I got back from Mix last week and what a good time it was!  I couldn’t see all the talks I wanted but have been watching them over on the Mix site: Some of my favorites were: Building Silverlight Applications Using .NET Using LINQ to Dramatically Improve Data Driven Development in Web Applications Navigating the… Read more

ASP.NET Web Developers needed for full time Microsoft positions on MSDN/TechNet

I’ve got an opening on my team for an ASP.NET web developer or two. I need somone who has experience writing Server Controls, is an ASP.NET 2.0 expert, C# expert and understands Object Oriented programming. If you were at Mix07 you probably saw some of the cool technologies like Silverlight and Orcas.  Want to work with them?  Send… Read more

Todays bug is…

Today I’m thinking about a recent bug we have for file attachments for work item tracking in Team Foundation System.  We are using HTTP Post with multi-mime parts to upload a file to the server.  The problem is when a file size is larger then the maximum that is configured on the server.  We are currently… Read more

Fix’n bugs…

Gosh, it’s been a couple weeks since I last blogged, amazing how easy it is to neglect when busy but that’s no excuse!  So what have I been doing in the past couple of weeks on Team Foundation System you ask.  Well mostly bug fixing.  We’re getting close to shipping our Beta 2 so we’ve… Read more

Re-imaging part 2

I got some questions yesterday about what imaging software I’m using.  It’s an internal windows tool called “Total Control”.  The way it works is you boot with the disc on a machine you want to setup.  By default it will create 3 partitions (C,D and E).  C drive will store the OS that you image and… Read more

Re-Imaging my box

Today’s going to be a busy day.  I want to outline the process we go through on almost a weekly basis to keep up to date with new Whidbey builds on our development machines. Lets see where do I start.  We have what we call labs where our source code lives. Each team or group… Read more

What did we do before search engines?

I can’t tell you how many times that while i’m coding and run into some type of coding problem or error and it’s quicker to search the web for help than ask the developer across the hall from me or even look it up in my local MSDN help.  I remember the day when I’d have… Read more

No bugs to fix?

One of the first things I usually do in the morning while I’m waiting for my espresso machine to heat up next to me is to check my bugs that need to be fixed.  We’re currently dogfooding our Work Item Tracking system so I launched Visual Studio and ran a query to get my active bugs. … Read more