Update Center for Host Integration Server and Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2

Based on feedback from both internal and external sources regarding questions about what the latest updates (fixes) are for both Host Integration Server and the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 (which is included SQL Server Feature Packs), I created a page that lists the current updates fro these products.

I added the link to the Update Center for Microsoft Host Integration Server and Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 page to the Host Integration Server Developer Center.

The goal is that the page will be updated when we release new Cumulative Updates for HIS and new fixes for the OLE DB Provider for DB2.

Hopefully, this new resource will be useful.

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  1. Josh says:

    This is a start, though, the same information is already here:


    Unfortunately, neither resource lists the different builds of the DB2 provider and it's nearly impossible to tell by any naming used (file name, feature pack name, hotfix id)

    I've found at least 4 builds of "OLE DB Provider for DB2 4.0":

    9.0.1356.0:  http://www.microsoft.com/…/confirmation.aspx

    9.0.1374.0:  I don't remember where this one came from but it could've been here:


    9.0.1390.0:  http://www.microsoft.com/…/confirmation.aspx

    9.0.1404.0:  support.microsoft.com/…/en-us

  2. The link that you referenced is that new "Update Center" page that I created. I posted this entry just help advertise this. You are correct, it is difficult to track the various OLE DB Provider for DB2 versions that are included in SQL Server Feature Packs. I tried to list the links to the most current versions. The links are to the download locations for the SQL Server Feature Pack that the specific provider is included in. I also listed build (file version) of that version of the provider that was released in that feature pack. The last column shows the latest update for that particular DB2 Provider with the updated file version.

    The 9.0.1374.0 version you mentioned was an update to the V4.0 provider to fix the specific issue addressed in the KB article (plus any previous fixes). However, the table I included in the Update Center page shows a later update, which was build 1404. This later version includes all previous fixes that were done for the V4.0 version of the provider included on the SQL Server 2012 and 2012 SP1 Feature Packs.

  3. Josh says:

    Thanks Stephen!  I don't remember the "Version" column on that page yesterday.  Did you just add that?

  4. Josh says:

    Also, some folks might want the .msi for the old builds so it'd be nice to have a direct download. (ex. they're upgrading and they want the old in case they have a problem and need to restore it).

  5. The version column was there from the time the page was posted. The original MSI can always be downloaded from the SQL Server Feature Pack link that it was originally downloaded from. We don't update the Feature Pack version after the Feature Pack is released. Any new updates will be documented in a Knowledge Base article that will include a download option to download the new MSI package.

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