Transaction Integrator (TI) does not support COM on 64-bit versions of Host Integration Server and BAHS

If you are using the 64-bit version of HIS 2006, Biztalk Adapters for Host Systems (BAHS) 1.0, HIS 2009 or BAHS 2.0 and are planning on using Transaction Integrator (TI), you need to be aware that TI does not support COM on 64-bit systems. Only .NET is supported on 64-bit systems.

If you install TI on a 64-bit system, you will get an error message like the following when opening TI Manager if you are using a COM-based TI application:

Event ID: 5750
(5750) Transaction Integrator snap-in encountered an error in the registry  that indicates that Transaction Integrator is not configured or installed correctly:

Exception description:
(5632) The Object with GUID {GUID} is of type COM, which is not supported for an installation of Transaction Integrator on a 64 bit operating system.

If you want to stay with a 64-bit implementation, the migration path for TI is to import the old COM-based TLB (Type Library) into a new TI .NET assembly.

One thing to be aware when doing this is that the Currency data type is not supported in .NET and will be mapped to a Decimal data type. After the conversion you will need to verify that the scale, precision and host type are correct for your specific environment.

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  1. Ashwani26 says:


    Nice Article..

    Just wanted to confirm whether the event source for the Event Id 5750 is COMTI, or is it something else.



  2. In the scenario that I have seen, the Event 5750 source is HISAdmin:

    Log Name:      Application

    Source:        HIPAdmin

    Date:          <date> <time>

    Event ID:      5750


  3. Abhi says:

    Hi Stephen

    Thanks for the info. I have another question: after the old COM-based TLB (Type Library) has been migrated into a new TI .NET assembly, how do the COM objects call the migrated TI .NET assembly. I tried using regasm to generate a COM-Callable wrapper for the TI .Net assembly, but it won't generate the wrapper, because the TI .Net assembly in turn was converted from a COM type lib.

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