History of SNA Server and HIS Versions

Host Integration Server is definitely a small volume server based application when compared to large volume products like Exchange Server and SQL Server, but it does provide mission critical functionality to customers around the world. However, it has had a long lifecycle. A number of customers that use HIS may not realize how long the product has been available especially since the product name was changed with the release of HIS 2000 in August 2000.

In fact, I worked with some customers long ago where SNA Server was the first Windows Server-based application used in their production environments.

In order to highlight the longevity of the HIS product line, I thought the following history of releases would be interesting to some of you.

Note: The following only covers the Windows-based versions that we have released. There are a few OS/2 based versions that were available prior to this.

  • SNA Server 2.0
    • RTM: 10/24/93
  • SNA Server 2.1
    • RTM: 9/3/94
  • SNA Server 2.11
    • RTM: 6/95
  • SNA Server 2.11 SP1
    • RTM: 1/5/96
  • SNA Server 2.11 SP2
    • RTM: 2/21/97
  • SNA Server 3.0
    • RTM: 11/17/96
  • SNA Server 3.0 SP1
    • RTM: 4/9/97
  • SNA Server 3.0 SP2
    • RTM: 9/30/97
  • SNA Server 3.0 SP3
    • RTM: 4/8/98
  • SNA Server 3.0 SP4
    • RTM: 5/24/99
  • SNA Server 4.0
    • RTM: 11/20/97
  • SNA Server 4.0 SP1
    • RTM: 6/25/98
  • SNA Server 4.0 SP2
    • RTM: 2/15/99
  • SNA Server 4.0 SP3
    • RTM: 9/24/99
  • SNA Server 4.0 SP4
    • RTM: 11/22/2000
  • Host Integration Server 2000
    • RTM: 8/10/2000
    • Version:
  • Host Integration Server 2000 SP1
    • RTM: 9/9/2002
    • Version:
  • Host Integration Server 2000 SP2
    • RTM: 3/31/2005
    • Version:
  • Host Integration Server 2004
    • RTM: 7/30/2004
    • Version: 6.0.1701.0
  • Host Integration Server 2006
    • RTM: 10/23/2006
    • Version: 7.0.2758.0
  • Host Integration Server 2006 SP1
    • RTM: 2/3/2010
    • Version: 7.0.4115.0
  • Host Integration Server 2009
    • RTM: 3/23/2009
    • Version: 8.0.3608.0
  • Host Integration Server 2010
    • RTM: 8/16/2010
    • Version 8.5.4224.0


Some customers thought that HIS 2000 was a V1 release, when it fact it was version 5 of the SNA Server product with a new name.

Just to date myself a bit, SNA Server 2.1 was the current release when I started supporting the product. 

As you can see there is a long history of Microsoft providing IBM mainframe and iSeries (AS/400) integration.

Comments (6)
  1. HisInfo says:


    What configurations are required to view the SNA Connection and TN3270 Server perfmon object on perfmon window.

    I also tried to run lodctr command then I got message as "Counters for SnaServr are already installed"

    Please provide your response.


  2. In order to see the SNA Connection and TN3270 Server perfmon objects, you need to make sure that the SNA Server service and TN3270 Service are actually running.

    If they are running and you are connecting to the HIS Server via a Terminal Services session, you might logon on to the console directly to see if that resolves the issue. There have been some issues with HIS perfmon counters not showing up when accessing the HIS Server system remotely via Terminal Server sessions or Remote Desktop Sessions.

    I hope this helps.

  3. HisInfo says:

    Thanks Stephen for your response.

    Still I cannot see the perfmon objects.

    I checked that the dependent service SnaBase is running.

    I tried to run the mentioned services (SnaService and TN3270 Service)but it shows below message.

    "The SNAServer service on Local Computer started and then stopped.

    Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance Logs and Alert Services."

    Please provide your response.

  4. VishB says:


    We are upgrading from SNA 4.0 to HIS 2009. I was trying to install HIS 2009 on Windows 7 but I think SNA is not compatible with Win 7. I have few more queries about this.

    1. Is HIS 2009 client compatible with SNA4.0 server?

    2. How to setup HIS client?



  5. Asha says:

    Is SNA client 4.0 compatible with Windows 7

  6. GTS says:

    Microsoft obtained SNA Server from Enfield, UK-based third party Data Connection, Ltd.  I wonder how long that supplier relationship lasted.  DCL customized, packaged, documented and supported the product set.

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