The “Service Interface” Pattern

I am constantly surprised when speaking with people how few have heard of or use the “Service Interface” pattern. It is actually a very straightforward pattern, is very little work to use, but brings such practical, quantifiable, visible, benefits I think it has to be one of my all time favourites. The Web Service Software…


WCSF Application Architecture 7: Remote Logic with WCF Services

This article is part of a series; ·         WCSF Application Architecture 1: Introduction ·         WCSF Application Architecture 2: Application Controller ·         WCSF Application Architecture 3: Model View Presenter ·         WCSF Application Architecture 4: Environment Abstraction ·         WCSF Application Architecture 5: Defining Modules ·         WCSF Application Architecture 6: Structuring Modules Unfortunately it is also the worst…


Know your WCF from your… well, anything else

Just a quick link-post, but two really worth paying attention to. First up is Mehran’s post on recommended practices for WCF. Mehran is on my team, and is one of a few guys that seem to know so much about WCF sometimes I think I need to spin up a service host just to understand…


Web Service Software Factory February 2008 Ships!

Following on from my last post, some top news for Web Service developers – the WSSF February 2008 release has just shipped. Check out the landing page and the community site. This release adds the all important Visual Studio 2008 support.


Testing WCF Services

I was recently present at an internal demonstration by Rob Jarratt of a tool to generate unit tests for WCF services from just the message trace files… and it has just been released to codeplex! The tool integrates with Visual Studio 2005 or 2008, and allows creation of a unit test that replays the messages…