Check out the Web Client Guidance

If you’ve not come across the Web Client Guidance that patterns & practices have been working on, now is the time to head on over to their CodePlex site; The team have been really busy pulling together resources, advice, and guidance on a lot of topics related to web client development, including ASP.NET MVC…

Do you need web client development help?

Then tell us what you need! Blaine has blogged a link to a survey that patterns & practices will use to help them understand what challenges that are affecting you the most… so that they can choose the right areas to focus effort in providing guidance. If you’ve got a couple of minutes spare head…


Blueprints Update

This is late news as I’ve been busy recently, but if you’ve been following Blueprints make sure you read Michael’s post here. They’re evolving into something else, that I’m sure will be even more exciting… I’ll be staying tuned so no doubt I’ll shout up when I hear more.

Blueprints Example: View-Presenter, Part 2

This article follows on from part 1, so make sure you know how far we got. Basically we can generate a project according to our required template, so next we want to be able to add a new View-Presenter enabled Web Page to the project. We’ll do this using some T4 text templates – one…


Blueprints Example: View-Presenter, Part 1

I’m sure I’ve warned you before – I’m a big believer in Software Factories… but I’ve been quiet about this for a while now. That’s because I’ve been waiting for the ‘next big thing’… enter stage left: “Blueprints”! I had the pleasure of attending a talk that Michael Lehman and Jezz Santos gave in Seattle…


Are you using the WCSF?

Have you been using the Web Client Software Factory? Or have you tried it and not adopted it? Or have you used some of the bundle content but not the whole factory? Michael Puleio has just started a thread on codeplex requesting feedback on who is using the factory, and talks about it briefly in…


WCSF Application Architecture 3: Model View Presenter

This article is part of a series; ·         WCSF Application Architecture 1: Introduction ·         WCSF Application Architecture 2: Application Controller Model View Presenter The MVP pattern is effectively an evolution of Model View Controller, and is mainly geared at improving the structure and testability of User Interface code. There is a good article here that…


WCSF Application Architecture 2: Application Controller

This article is part of a series; ·         WCSF Application Architecture 1: Introduction So why do we have patterns? I think it is basically to reuse good designs, and to adopt a common terminology when discussing software. But so often the subtleties of patterns are difficult to get right, and this causes confusion when people…


WCSF Application Architecture 1: Introduction

[Edit] By popular demand (well, one request!) I’ve added links to all the articles in this series here; WCSF Application Architecture 1: Introduction (this post)WCSF Application Architecture 2: Application ControllerWCSF Application Architecture 3: Model View PresenterWCSF Application Architecture 4: Environment AbstractionWCSF Application Architecture 5: Defining ModulesWCSF Application Architecture 6: Structuring ModulesWCSF Application Architecture 7: Remote Logic…


Software Factories 2.0

If you’ve missed it, there is a new blog dedicated to the Software Factory initiative available here. I’d recommend reading Jack Greenfield’s post entitled “Software Factories 2.0” – in which he covers the current thinking on Microsoft’s Software Factory initiative. There’s more to come, so sign up to that syndication!