Immersive MVC and jQuery: Project Silk

Patterns and Practices have just released their latest round of guidance for developing web applications – “Project Silk”. I’ve been watching what they generate closely and I think you’ll be impressed. To quote the landing page; “Project Silk provides guidance for building maintainable cross-browser web applications that are characterized by an intentional design, rich interactivity,…


Project Silk: Patterns and Practices do Rich Web Apps

My blog has been quiet of late – because our team is busy I think. We’re recruiting by the way Something I’ve been wanting to blog about for a while now is “Project Silk”. This is Patterns & Practices latest round of web development guidance. Karl Shifflett  is the man at the wheel, so be…


JavaScript Architecture

No, that isn’t meant to be an oxymoron. But something I’ve noticed recently is that people’s approach to JavaScript seems to be diverging down two common paths. This blog post is designed to encourage you to adopt the one you probably aren’t planning to adopt right now! The approaches I’m describing are depicted below; Keep…


Conditional Validation in ASP.NET MVC 3

Update: If you like this, you’ll like Mvc.ValidationTookit even more – check out this post! Some time ago I blogged on Conditional Validation in MVC, and Adding Client-Side Script to an MVC Conditional Validator. A number of people have asked me to update the sample to MVC 3, so guess what – it’s your birthday!…


Unobtrusive jQuery and HTML 5 MSDN Flash Article

If you don’t get the UK edition of MSDN Flash delivered to your inbox, you might want to head over to the latest edition to check out the jQuery article I wrote for this month; MSDN Flash feature article: Unobtrusive JavaScript with jQuery, HTML 5 Style The post is based on some jQuery I originally…


Adding Client-Side Script to an MVC Conditional Validator

Update: If you like this, you’ll like Mvc.ValidationTookit even more – check out this post! In a previous post I covered how to write a conditional validator to work with ASP.NET MVC, and a little gotcha to avoid. However, I didn’t include any details on how to wire up this validator with some client side…


jQuery.validate and Html.ValidationSummary playing nice together

A customer recently asked me how to get MVC with the MVC Futures project’s MicrosoftMvcJQueryValidation.js adapter file to play nicely with the Validation Summary HTML helper. It turns out that this functionality isn’t built into the adapter script file. They also pointed me at this post by Soe Tun that gets things up and running….


JavaScript Coding Standards

About six months ago a few customers asked me about coding standards when writing custom JavaScript using Microsoft’s frameworks… it turned out that we didn’t really have any publicly available standards. To address this myself and Stuart Leeks set about coordinating and writing some standards to fill this gap. With some highly valuable input, support,…


Client Script Patterns: Predictive Fetch

Why do you write JavaScript? It’s probably for one of two major reasons – Responsiveness or Richness. Richness we know about – it’s the flying, sliding, flashing, and sometimes annoying UI features we see J But Responsiveness is much less tangible – it’s about how an application feels to use. Does it feel like it’s…


jQuery + MVC = Progressive Enhancement

If you write a lot of JavaScript, you really should consider adopting Progressive Enhancement as the standard way that you work. This is basically whereby you write a web site without script, and then enhance it with script. The result is a site that does not rely on JavaScript (and hence works with accessibility tooling…