What’s My Day Job?

If you’re wondering what it is I do all day, the UK TechNet Blog have just published an interview with me as part of their “day in the life” series, which looks at the various technical roles within Microsoft UK. Be sure to check the others out too! On a related note, if you’re curious…


Assess your Development… using a Surface!

I’ve been working with a few colleagues over the past months to come up with something we’ve called the “Development Foundation Assessment” (DFA). It’s a quick test that helps us understand where a customer is strong, and where they could benefit from our help – and therefore helps feed into our ongoing consulting service delivery…


Say Hello

My blog’s been quiet for a while as I’ve been reading up on technology and working on some things that have needed deep concentration… but normal service should be resumed soon. In the meantime, if you happen to be attending Q-Con or DevWeek in London, I’ll be one of the Microsofties covering the Microsoft stand…


Who Am I?

No, I’ve not really gone all philosophical on you J But just in case you’re interested in who I am, I’m the latest in a series of interviews with UK ADCs (Application Development Consultants) to be published on our team blog. Check it out here.