What is hard to do in Web Development?

Patterns and Practices are spinning up their next round of guidance soon, and they want to know what to focus on… so go and answer their incredibly short survey if you want your chance to make a difference to what they produce!

Check out Karl and Don’s posts with links to the survey. Don’t be shy!

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  1. dinhhungitsoft says:

    I  find it quite dificult to design the web interface

  2. dinhhungitsoft says:

    Hi. I am a new comer. I don't know how to make a new post by myself. 🙁

  3. Simon J Ince says:

    @ dinhhungitsoft,

    sounds like good info to pass on to p&p – make sure you fill in the survey!


  4. J.T.Dekker says:


    Lik in handling: SQL injection, Javascript injection, URL hacking, CrossSiteScripting

  5. t_zano says:

    hey , The inspiration moment to make the interfac design is the hardeast step  , how to attract the user , what you should make , colors, effects and the beauty look.

  6. Simon J Ince says:

    All – thanks for the replies but please note *commenting doesn't count* – if you want to have input please make sure you complete the survey linked to on Don and Karl's posts.

    @JT Dekker – check out the last p&p Web Guidance at webclientguidance.codeplex.com – the CHM download contains lots of guidance on those topics.



  7. Simon J Ince says:

    Actually, looks like the survey is closed now… go check out Don's link to the results.


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