Do you need web client development help?

Then tell us what you need! Blaine has blogged a link to a survey that patterns & practices will use to help them understand what challenges that are affecting you the most... so that they can choose the right areas to focus effort in providing guidance.

If you’ve got a couple of minutes spare head over to the survey...

What tasks or areas are difficult? What consumes the most time? What is it that causes you post-deployment headaches? What parts of the process are tricky? What don't you do because it is hard?

Comments (5)

  1. C.Ramkumar says:

    im facing problem in developing in wcsf. all are looks like greek and latin for me. im basic .net developer.

  2. Simon J Ince says:

    @ C.Ramkumar,

    it might be that the factory doesn’t target use cases that matter to you – it’s focused on testability, modularity, etc.

    You could also check out the new guidance that p&p are working on here;


  3. Jack Tripper says:

    I need some help in understanding composition. I have posted a request on WCSF guidance forums but no answer. Maybe you can help.…/View.aspx


  4. Dim Kang says:

    I really want to know somthing about Enterprise Libraries in WCSF. I know the WCSF has their own security,  exception handling, logging mechanism. But I'm not sure that whether they also meet my requirements or not. So I want to know something…Could you mind providing something about them with me? Thanks!

  5. Dim Kang says:

    As we know, WCSF has support Enterprise Libraries. However, I know little things on them so that I'm not very sure whether they can meet my requirements when I use WCSF to develop a web application. Could you mind introducing something about them? Thanks~~~

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