Assess your Development… using a Surface!

I’ve been working with a few colleagues over the past months to come up with something we’ve called the “Development Foundation Assessment” (DFA). It’s a quick test that helps us understand where a customer is strong, and where they could benefit from our help – and therefore helps feed into our ongoing consulting service delivery planning. It will be in the form of a simple WPF-based Windows application deployed to our consultants’ laptops. If you already work with the ADC team speak to your consultant and they will let you know when it is ready for you to try; or if you don’t have a contract with us and are interested, head over to our landing page or drop me an email.

The geek in me also thinks this is quite fun. I keep running through it for projects I’ve been involved in or run in the past, and I think the results are really interesting. I particularly like the visual output.

One of these colleagues is the talented Mr Twist, who has knocked us up a pretty fantastic looking version of the DFA test that runs on a Microsoft Surface. Check out his blog post about it here, which includes a video of the test in action. He also explains some of our reasoning behind the DFA test, how we came up with the questions, and more.

And yes... I’ll be one of the ADCs at DevWeek (for one of the days at least), so you can come say hello and see our preview of this app all at once.

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