Windows 7 Beta

I can’t believe it, I still haven’t installed Windows 7. And it isn’t for lack of trying. If anyone would like to petition my boss to let me have an afternoon without work to do so I can fire up the installer I’ve had sat on my USB hard drive for ages, I’d really appreciate it... (although he might not!) J

In the mean time, I keep getting taunted by great feature lists like this one.

If you’ve not seen much on Windows 7 yet, check out the landing page and the beta download.

[Update 24th Jan] I am now running Windows 7! Turns out a Friday night, chinese food, bottles of beer, and episodes of the new series of "24" are a great way to install Windows 7... And I have to say I love it. Even simple things like docking windows to the left or right side make a big difference to your screen real-estate when coding.


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