More MVC vs MVP

Phil Haack, currently famous for working on the ASP.NET MVC Framework, has just blogged a great article comparing Model View Controller and Model View Presenter. I’d highly recommend giving it a read. There is also an old post of mine here comparing MVC and MVP within the context of the Web Client Software Factory and the (as it was then) recently announced ASP.NET MVC Framework.

This seems to be a hot topic at the moment, as people are trying to understand which pattern suits them best.

I would strongly recommend giving this some thought, but remember that patterns are not everything – what also counts is the wider framework that you select. Whether that is classic “vanilla” WebForms, the ASP.NET MVC Framework, the WCSF, any number of open source frameworks, or your own in-house framework; each of these when combined with the patterns they implement bring different levels of accelerated development, testability of UI classes, dictated solution structure, or assistance beyond the UI patterns.

What is important is to pick an approach and build on it... but then you’ll be bored of me saying that by now if you read this blog regularly!

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