Web Client Software Factory February 2008 Ships!

Great news from Glenn... The WCSF February 2008 release (i.e. 2.0) has just shipped. Check out the landing page and the community site.

This release has addressed many of the top feature requests, supports Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5, includes more guidance, quickstarts and how-to walkthroughs... what’s more, they’ve improved the Composite Web Application Block both by extending it and improving performance, and something I’d not noticed - added support for dependency injection on ASMX Web services.

Great news – and congratulations to the team. Hopefully they’ll have a few moments to relax before the next project J

Comments (2)

  1. We won’t…..we’re deep in "Prism" already 🙂

  2. In last few weeks or even days Microsoft has shipped a lot of good and interesting products: Note: most

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