Blueprints Example: View-Presenter, Part 2

This article follows on from part 1, so make sure you know how far we got. Basically we can generate a project according to our required template, so next we want to be able to add a new View-Presenter enabled Web Page to the project. We’ll do this using some T4 text templates – one…


Blueprints Example: View-Presenter, Part 1

I’m sure I’ve warned you before – I’m a big believer in Software Factories… but I’ve been quiet about this for a while now. That’s because I’ve been waiting for the ‘next big thing’… enter stage left: “Blueprints”! I had the pleasure of attending a talk that Michael Lehman and Jezz Santos gave in Seattle…


Are you using the WCSF?

Have you been using the Web Client Software Factory? Or have you tried it and not adopted it? Or have you used some of the bundle content but not the whole factory? Michael Puleio has just started a thread on codeplex requesting feedback on who is using the factory, and talks about it briefly in…


AJAX Script Patterns: Service Agent

I’ve been thinking for a while about how people tend to build AJAX applications, as there seems to be something a lot of people have forgotten. This post examines how applying a pattern you probably know very well to AJAX could help – and leaves it to you to decide whether this is useful. Let…


Who Am I?

No, I’ve not really gone all philosophical on you J But just in case you’re interested in who I am, I’m the latest in a series of interviews with UK ADCs (Application Development Consultants) to be published on our team blog. Check it out here.  


Virtual Earth meets MVC

Something I do quite a bit with customers is to help them understand and use Virtual Earth… plus I’ve been doing some overviews of the beta of the ASP.NET MVC Framework, so it seemed a great combination. How would you best combine them? Note: This post is based on the October 2008 Beta of the…


Hierarchies with HierarchyID in SQL 2008

If you’ve been following my blog you should remember a couple of posts about hierarchical data in SQL Server, and how Common Table Expressions can be a great way to extract that data. If you’ve not read them, you can find them here and here. In SQL Server 2008 we have a brand new shiny…


Sufficient Architecture

“Sufficient Architecture? What does that mean?!”, I hear you say!! Bear with me. Over a beer this week I had a good conversation with a colleague about the principles of architecture and design, and as a result I feel compelled to recount something that I have tried to adhere to for a long time. I…


UK Application Development Consultants’ blog goes live

Every once in a while I sneak a plug for my team into a blog post, perhaps linking to my team’s web site (there I go again!)… I tend to feel a bit bad about this at the time, but it always passes J This time, though, I’ve dedicated a whole blog post to plugging…


Lamba Expressions to the Rescue!

Maybe I’m biased because he’s on the same team as me (ahem, sorry for the plug J), but I really liked Stuart Leeks’ post on improving the “Include” method on ObjectQuery<T>. It’s another example, like the MVC Framework he mentions, of how lamba expressions can be used in the real world to add type safety…