ASP.NET MVC Framework Links & Info

This week is turning out to be a bit busy, so blogging is stumbling, and likely will next week too. Still, I managed to get time to read some other’s posts that are worth having a look at, in particular regarding the up-and-coming ASP.NET MVC Framework; Scott has posted some info on the product roadmap…


Visual Studio 2008 SDK Released

I’m sure you know that Visual Studio 2008 has shipped, but did you also know that the Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.0 has now been released? The announcement is here. I’m personally mainly interested in this because it includes the DSL tools… There are also some good posts describing what this contains and the roadmap…


The ASP.NET MVC framework, using the WCSF as a yardstick!

Well, right up until this morning I was planning on blogging about the similarities and differences between the patterns used by the Web Client Software Factory (WCSF) and the up and coming ASP.NET MVC Framework… and then I saw Glenn’s post linking to this great article on patterns used to structure User Interface code. Gutted….