ASP.NET MVC Framework Links & Info

This week is turning out to be a bit busy, so blogging is stumbling, and likely will next week too. Still, I managed to get time to read some other’s posts that are worth having a look at, in particular regarding the up-and-coming ASP.NET MVC Framework; Scott has posted some info on the product roadmap…


Visual Studio 2008 SDK Released

I’m sure you know that Visual Studio 2008 has shipped, but did you also know that the Visual Studio 2008 SDK 1.0 has now been released? The announcement is here. I’m personally mainly interested in this because it includes the DSL tools… There are also some good posts describing what this contains and the roadmap…


The ASP.NET MVC framework, using the WCSF as a yardstick!

Well, right up until this morning I was planning on blogging about the similarities and differences between the patterns used by the Web Client Software Factory (WCSF) and the up and coming ASP.NET MVC Framework… and then I saw Glenn’s post linking to this great article on patterns used to structure User Interface code. Gutted….


Common Table Expressions, Reversed

There was an interesting question left on my last post entitled Hierarchies WITH Common Table Expressions. Basically in this post I showed a couple of ways that you can use SQL Server 2005’s new “Common Table Expressions” (the “WITH” SQL statement) to retrieve a subset of a hierarchy of data. The question concerned inverting how…


Loving LINQ

I have to say, I love how easy it is to do SQL-like expressions over collections of objects with LINQ… If we have two simple classes that define our data; class Person {     public int Id { get; set; }     public string Name { get; set; }     public int AddressId { get;…


WPF Composite Client

Some top news has been circulating over the past few days or so – Glenn Block has a good summary. Basically there are plans for p&p to produce guidance on building Composite Applications with WPF – new guidance built from the ground up, learning lessons from all the projects and deliverables in this space over…


Packaging Software Factories

Jezz Santos has posted an announcement on a series of white papers becoming available on the MSDN Architecture Center covering the packaging and building of Software Factories – the first installment has been published already and is entitled “Packaging With Visual Studio 2005”. This should be a really good series, and includes real practical help…


Two approaches to a LINQ Solution Structure

Background I’m in the process of writing a small windows application with a very straightforward architecture, for which the only twist is the need to be able to plug in different data providers according to how it is used. This means it must be able to handle SQL 2005, other database servers, XML files, flat…


Hierarchies WITH Common Table Expressions

Storing hierarchical data in a database is a very common task, and SQL Server 2005 brings us Common Table Expressions (CTEs) – a very useful tool for retrieving such data both elegantly and efficiently. I haven’t actually used these before, and they came to mind during a session with a customer, so I did a…