[Cross Post] PHP 5.5.0 for Windows Released!

This post is also available on blog.syntaxc4.net. Today is an exciting day as we welcome the availability of PHP 5.5.0 [Release Announcement]. The team here at Microsoft has been busy preparing PHP 5.5.0 for Windows which has a number of updates which I will cover in this post. IMPORTANT With the release of PHP 5.5.0,…


Pie in the Sky (April 19, 2013)

Quite a few links this week for your weekend reading: Node Unix philosophy and Node.js: A brief discussion of the Unix philosophy and how it relates to Node.js. AngularJS: Let’s make a feed reader: With Google Reader shutting down, it’s all the rage to build feed readers. Nodyn: I’m not sure whether to list this…


Pie in the Sky (March 22, 2013)

So that sneezing I mentioned last Friday? Turns out that wasn’t allergies! I’m mostly recovered at this point though, so this weekend should be more enjoyable. Here’s some links for your weekend reading: Node Node v0.10.1 is out: Another week, another Node.js release. Iwebpp.io: Ever wanted to handle HTTP traffic over UDP? Of course you…


Pie in the Sky (March 8, 2013)

It’s almost the weekend, so here’s some links for your Friday reading: Cloud Windows Azure Mobile Services adds Android support and extends availability to East Asia: There’s a new Mobile Services SDK for Android developers, and the service is available in new regions now. Node and JavaScript Node.js v0.8.22 released: Another week, another Node.js release….


Pie in the Sky (January 25, 2013)

After a very mild fall and early winter, it’s finally turned off very cold here. Hopefully you’re keeping warm this weekend! Here’s a few links for your weekend reading: TypeScript 0.8.2: A new preview is out. Read more about the new version in the link. Node v0.8.18: Another week, another Node.js release. Source Maps 101:…


Windows Azure Storage Plugin for WordPress Updated!

Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. (the recently-created Microsoft subsidiary charged with advancing the company’s investment in interoperability, open standards and open source) has updated the Windows Azure Storage Plugin for WordPress. The plugin functionality has not changed (it still allows you to use the Windows Azure Blob Service to store and serve media files), but under…