The Windows Azure SDK for Ruby

If you haven’t heard, there’s now a Ruby SDK for Windows Azure that provides access to Windows Azure Data Management services and some Service Bus services. For hosting Ruby web applications on Windows Azure, the officially supported method is to use a Virtual Machine running Linux. You can still use things like RubyRole to host…


Pie in the Sky (February 22, 2013)

Wow, Friday already. This week sort of flew past. Here’s some links for your weekend reading: Node v0.8.20 released: Another week, another Node.js release. Enabling Remote Desktop on Ubuntu in Windows Azure: Not an SSH person? More familiar with Remote Desktop? Learn how to enable Remote Desktop to your Ubuntu VM hosted in Windows Azure….


Pie in the Sky (January 11, 2013)

Things are starting to pick up after the holidays; some good links for your weekend reading this week. VM Depot: This is a new service for Windows Azure that allows the community to create and share VM images that you can use in Windows Azure. Read the official announcement here. There’s already a lot of…


Using the VM Depot

Yesterday, Microsoft Open Technologies announced a complementary service to Windows Azure VMs – the VM Depot. The depot is a community-driven catalog of open source VM images. This lets you create and share VMs with custom configurations or specific software stacks installed. Doug Mahugh also posted a getting started article that gives the basics of…


Pie in the Sky (November 16, 2012)

It’s been a busy week here, trying to get things done before everyone goes on vacation next week. Unfortunately this hasn’t left a lot of time for collecting links, hopefully you’ll find that quality is better than quantity. 🙂 How to Upload an Image to Windows Azure Storage: How to use the Windows Azure SDK…


Exporting and Importing VM settings with the Azure Command-Line Tools

We’ve talked previously about the Windows Azure command-line tools, and have used them in a few posts such as Brian’s Migrating Drupal to a Windows Azure VM. While the tools are generally useful for tons of stuff, one of the things that’s been painful to do with the command-line is export the settings for a…