Pie in the Sky (June 13th, 2014)

Last week was soooooo busy, I didn’t have time for links on Friday. This week has been a little better, so I have some links for you today. Cloud Docker on Microsoft Azure: MS Open Tech as some new code that makes it easier to use Docker on Azure. Docker 1.0: Speaking of Docker, 1.0…


Pie in the Sky (May 30th, 2014)

Not a lot of links this week, but some good ones. Cloud Moving to Microsoft Azure: The experience of moving a blog to Azure. Client/Mobile Xamarin 3: Now with 100% more iOS designer. Arstechnica already has a review up for this version. Xamarin forms: Forms that are native across platforms. RubyMotion 3.0 sneak peek: A…


Pie in the Sky (May 2nd, 2014)

Working on some largish projects at work, so not a lot of time to accumulate links this week. Here’s what I have, or am planning to read this weekend. Cloud Automating environment creation using Azure PowerShell: You can automate most things with Azure using PowerShell. There’s also a cross-platform command-line interface for non-Windows systems. Client/Mobile…


Pie in the Sky (November 22nd, 2013)

I’ll be on vacation next week for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, so no blog post next Friday. Here’s some links from this week. Mobile\client Mobile Services team blog: The Windows Azure Mobile Services team has their own blog now. Just an introductory post for now, but probably a safe bet to add…


Pie in the Sky (November 1, 2013)

Today is the first day that’s really felt like Autumn here; leaves finally changed color and it’s been rainy most of the day. Good reading (or sleeping) weather. Here’s a list of links for your Friday reading: Cloud Partitioned Service Bus queues and topics: This is nice if you’re using Azure Service Bus for messaging….


Pie in the Sky (October 25, 2013)

My reading plan for this weekend is mostly going to be learning Elixir (or continuing to learn it,) and some of Anton Chekhov’s works. Here’s is a less focused, and more technical list for your weekend reading: Cloud Windows Azure SDK 2.2, backup, and Hyper-V Recover Manager: Lots of stuff in the Windows Azure space…


Pie in the Sky (October 11th, 2013)

It’s been a busy week, with little time for reading about new things. But I do have some mobile and client related links for your weekend reading pleasure:  Client/mobile JSIL: Compile .NET code into JavaScript. XYZ to JavaScript compilers have been popular recently. Source: A front-end documentation engine. Draggable mobile app showcase: Neat scroll effect that works with…


Pie in the Sky (October 4th, 2013)

I’ve decided, this weekend I learn functional programming. Picked up a book on Functional JavaScript and also loaded Elixir so we’ll see how that goes. But before I get to that challenge, here are the links for this week: Cloud Cloud service fundamentals – caching basics: Learn more about the caching on Windows Azure. Mobile/Client…


Pie in the Sky (September 27th, 2013)

Happy Friday! Here’s some reading for the weekend. Cloud Windows Azure multi-factor authentication: If you need multi-factor authentication, it’s now generally available (GA, released, whatever.) Deploy pre-configured Oracle VMs on Windows Azure: If you need Oracle in the cloud. Mobile/Client Getting started with flat UI design: An explanation of flat UI and some useful resources….


Send Push Notifications from an OData Service using Windows Azure Notification Hubs

There are three main benefits provided to mobile device apps by cloud-based services: data access and storage, authentication, and push notifications—note that Windows Azure Mobile Services is a single Windows Azure service that supports all three. What about cases where Mobile Services isn’t the right solution, most likely because you have an existing set of…