Ruby, TinyTDS, and Azure SQL Database update

I got a note the other day that the 0.6.3-rc2 version of TinyTDS now includes the security bits needed to communicate with Azure SQL Database, on the Windows platform (it worked on other platforms just fine.) Previously, you had to manually build it against OpenSSL for it to work on Windows platforms, but with the…


Ruby on Rails: ActiveRecord with SQL Database

Just a quick note that I’ve udpated a previous blog post ( on connecting to SQL Database from ActiveRecord. It should be current as of 3/12/2013 using Rails 3.2.12, activerecord 3.2.12, activerecord-sqlserver-adapter 3.2.10, ruby-odbc 0.99994 and Ruby 1.9.3p392.


Using Active Record with SQL Azure

[Updated 3/12/2013] Active Record is an object-relational mapping (ORM) that makes it easy to work with databases. While there are other ORMs out there for Ruby, Active Record is very popular and I wanted to walk through using it with SQL Azure Windows Azure SQL Database. Active Record can be installed by running gem install activerecord,…