Pie in the Sky (May 16th, 2014)

Back from TechEd, where there were a lot of announcements from Microsoft about working with various open source things. There were so many sessions, it was impossible to attend all of them. Good thing they put the videos online.




  • ASP.NET vNext: There were a lot of interesting announcements about ASP.NET & .NET in general this week at TechEd. Like, ASP.NET vNext apps running on Mono on Mac and Linux.




  • 8 terminal utilities every OS X command line user should know: Some useful commands.

  • PostgreSQL 9.4 beta 1: I don't normally post about database updates, but PostgreSQL has some interesting stuff going on here. Specifically working with JSON data, which is one of the big pulls of things like MongoDB. But JSON as a native type, queryable with honest-to-goodness SQL and side-by-side with relational data? That's pretty compelling.

  • Trash: A cross-platform delete command that puts things in the trash vs. permanently deleting them.

  • In browser RAW image processing: The folks at Pics.io talk a bit about how they worked out processing for RAW formats.

  • Git for beginners: For folks new to git or that just haven't used it for a few months and need a reminder.

  • vvvv.js: This is some sort of visual programming language, which might be interesting to some of you.

  • Robots, Bluetooth, Windows runtime and LEGOS: This just hit the web this morning, so I haven't had a chance to try it, but sounds fun.


- Larry

Comments (5)

  1. Sten2005 says:

    So where is the information about open source VB6 ?

    VB6 is Microsoft's most popular programming language (Tiobe index May 2014).

    Yet no response to the request to update VB6 at


    * VB6 Microsoft's favorite programming and tutorial language *

  2. Larry Franks says:

    Hi Sten2005, no clue on VB6. I'm assuming that .NET is more of a priority since VB6 went out of mainstream support back in 2005, and out of extended in 2008 (support.microsoft.com/…/default.aspx).

    It would be nice to see it open sourced though, as it was/is insanely popular.

  3. Sten2005 says:

    Hi Larry, no we never get to hear about VB6 from Microsoft.

    Though it does have "It just works" support from Microsoft until 2013.

    It is the most popular Microsoft programming language in the May 2014 Tiobe index, (replacing C# !)

    And the vote for an updated VB6 programming language on the Microsoft VisualStudio UserVoice site has reached 7,000 (making it the fifth highest vote).


    But no response from Microsoft – will they update VB6 to have the same 64 bit extensions that they added to VBA ? Or if not, at least open-source VB6.

  4. Sten2005 says:

    That should have read…

    The VB6 programming language has "It just works" support from Microsoft until 2023.


  5. Larry Franks says:

    I have even less of a clue than I thought I did; I didn't realize the date was out to 2023.

    Unfortunately, I'm not involved with anything VB related, so I have no idea what plans are for it going forward. Last time I remember working with it was back in the early 2000's with BizTalk Server.

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