Pie in the Sky (December 6th, 2013)

Here is a summary of the links I've found interesting this week.



  • Sortable: Make your tables sortable. Why do all that effort server side? Have the client do it for you!

  • Ocean waves in JavaScript: Pretty cool. I can see using this in a video game maybe.

  • What's new in Azure mobile Services: Some changes to Mobile Services such as adding new columns, new table formats, AD authentication, etc. Not mentioned in that post, but also new, is integration with Operation Logs to see what management operations happened with your mobile service.

  • The state of Android emulators: If you're an Android developer and haven't used the emulator in a while because it was slow, you might want to read about updates and give it a try again.

  • Initial impressions of the Glass SDK: If you're interested in learning more about Google Glass development.


  • Mastering Emmet, part 1: Emmet is a plugin that takes some of the tedium out of writing HTML/CSS by expanding abbreviations out into code snippets. It's available for several editors, and I'm going to go load it right now.

  • Bevacqua: Converts JSON into a string-based hierarchy representation.

  • JSONPlaceholder: A fake online API for testing.

  • PgRest: Node.js inside PostgreSQL.





- Larry

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  1. Open Source and Device Development says:

    I really liked the MISC. section as its get through what I was wondering if we can accommodate few apps there.. never the less could be happen in next month or so! wish me luck!

    Abigail Scott


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