Pie in the Sky (November 22nd, 2013)

I’ll be on vacation next week for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US, so no blog post next Friday. Here’s some links from this week. Mobile\client Mobile Services team blog: The Windows Azure Mobile Services team has their own blog now. Just an introductory post for now, but probably a safe bet to add…


Pie in the Sky (November 15, 2013)

Looks like its time for cold and flu season to kick in; woke up with a stuffy head this morning. Good thing I had nothing planned for the weekend! Here’s some interesting links for your weekend reading. Cloud Introduction to WebSockets on Windows Azure Web Sites: Yes, websockets are on azure web sites now. WordPress…


Pie in the Sky (November 8th, 2013)

Here are some interesting links for your weekend reading: Cloud Windows Azure Import/Export service preview: Because the bandwidth of a FedEx truck is pretty awesome. Oh, there’s some other Azure announcements there as well. SQL Server Support blog: The SQL Server Support blog is currently running a series of posts based on customer questions about…


Using WebSockets with Windows Azure Web Sites

If you missed the announcement the other day, WebSockets are now supported in Windows Azure Web Sites. This means you can now use things like Socket.io from web sites instead of having to use a Cloud Service worker role. To get this working Create a an application that uses WebSockets using a language that works…


Pie in the Sky (November 1, 2013)

Today is the first day that’s really felt like Autumn here; leaves finally changed color and it’s been rainy most of the day. Good reading (or sleeping) weather. Here’s a list of links for your Friday reading: Cloud Partitioned Service Bus queues and topics: This is nice if you’re using Azure Service Bus for messaging….