Pie in the Sky (August 9th, 2012)

Happy weekend! Two days next week and I'm on vacation, so I may only have a few links for next week. But for this week, I've got a bunch:



  • Bonobo: A lightweight wrapper for working with HTML5 web workers.

  • SVGeneration: Generates nice SVG backgrounds for you.

  • “Grunt” your way to frontend performance optimization: An example of using various Grunt plugins to optimize the client-side experience.

  • Bootstrap 3 RC1: Bootstrap 3 is getting closer.

  • Joybox: If you're an iOS developer using RubyMotion, Joybox makes it easier to create games.

  • Frontdesk: A collection of useful things for client-side developers.

  • Ultrasonic networking: Use the Bat-Phone Robin! It's use of ultrasonic sounds for network communication will save us! All Batman jokes aside, this is pretty neat.

  • Web Worker patterns: This is a good read if you're wondering what scenarios you might use web workers in.





- Larry

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