A PHP on Windows Azure Learning Plan

June 7, 2012 update: The Microsoft Windows Azure team has released a new Windows Azure SDK for PHP. This release is part of an effort to keep PHP client libraries up to date with new Windows Azure features and to make PHP a first-class citizen in Windows Azure. The latest client libraries are on GitHub: https://github.com/WindowsAzure/azure-sdk-for-php. While the SDK hosted on CodePlex will continue to work for the foreseeable future, it is strongly recommended that new PHP/Windows Azure application use the SDK hosted on GitHub.

The work done by Maarten Balliauw and other contributors in building the SDK hosted on CodePlex was critical in unifying the PHP developer experience for Windows Azure. The Windows Azure team is grateful to these contributors for their pioneering work and looks forward to their continued support (and yours!) in adding to the new SDK on GitHub.


The Windows Azure Team

This week I’ve set aside some of the work I’ve been doing on using Azure Diagnostics to work on an internal training plan for other folks in my group here at Microsoft. The larger plan includes hands-on training for using Open Source Software on the Windows Azure Platform. (Yes, we’re serious about this.) As I was working on the “PHP on Azure” plan (really just an ordered list of resources), I kicked myself for not doing this earlier and sharing it here. So, here it is…I’d love to add to it if you have suggestions.

Setting Up Your Local Environment

Deploying to Windows Azure

Accessing Windows Azure Storage

Accessing SQL Azure

Using Windows Azure Diagnostics

Using Windows Azure AppFabric

Other Resources



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