Pie in the Sky (August 26, 2011)

As Larry and I investigate OSS and device development on the Windows Azure platform, we come across lots of interesting links and do lots of reading. And, since we can’t write about everything we read, we thought we’d simply share the best of what we come across on a weekly basis. The links below are what we came across this week.

Why “pie in the sky”? Well, I liked the way it sounded for one (you can blame me if you find the name to be cheesy). But, mostly I like the irony in it. By one definition, “pie in the sky” is “an idea or plan that seems good but is not likely to be achieved.” I like to think that the links we find show that OSS and device development on the Azure platform are not only a good ideas, but are ideas that are being achieved. So, look for our “pie in the sky” posts on Fridays. Here’s our first installment…



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