Extensibility interfaces for Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight 3

The extensibility interfaces (IClientMessageFormatter, IClientMessageInspector, IParameterInspector) added in Silverlight 4 were a great addition and enabled many scenarios that were, if not impossible, quite hard to accomplish before. But for applications written for SL3 (and Windows Phone 7), those extensibility points aren’t available, so doing things such as inspecting messages, adding headers, customizing serialization, etc….


Accessing SharePoint UserProfileService from Windows Phone 7

A while ago we shared a workaround for accessing some ASMX services (including SharePoint’s UserProfileService) from Silverlight 4. Unfortunately that workaround does not work for Silverlight 3 and Windows Phone 7 applications. Here is a new post which addresses that. Thanks,-Yavor GeorgievProgram Manager, WCF

Two samples from today’s MIX talk

Thanks to the folks who attended my talk at MIX 2010 today. As promised, I’m posting the two samples I showed. I’ll post an update when the video from my talk is available, so folks who couldn’t attend can see it. Local Search I built a Silverlight application that runs on Windows Phone 7. It’s…