PollingDuplex using MultipleMessagesPerPoll issue in latest SL4 GDRs

Some customers are reporting on the Silverlight forums that they are unable to have a functional PollingDuplexHttpBinding setup, or their current polling duplex client have faulted channels. This behavior is a regression introduced in SL4 GDR1 and is visible when the following conditions are put together: -Use of PollingDuplex-DuplexMode is set to MultipleMessagesPerPoll -Http stack…

Silverlight Firestarter

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the WCF and WCF RIA Services talks today at the Silverlight Firestarter. I’m glad our talks went well and I’ll update this post with links to the video, slides, and demos once they are available. UPDATE: You can find the code from my demo over here. Cheers, -Yavor