Debugging WCF services in Silverlight

Hi folks – check out this new SilverlightTV video, going over some of the common errors you may encounter when using WCF services from Silverlight:

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Silverlight TV 46: What's Wrong with my WCF Service?

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-Yavor Georgiev
Program Manager, WCF

Comments (7)

  1. Abhishek Gandhi says:

    As I have installed vs-2008 and silverlight-3 in my system.Every time its asking me a new version SL-4 to install.So its difficult every time to learn and practice.As again i have uninstall SL-4 and install SL-3.

  2. Marc Roussel says:

    Guys when shoing codes on videos, your video quality is too poor.  Could you please enhence it a bit since 90% of people have enough bandwitdh to see high quality videos ?

    Thank you

  3. geardoom3 says:

    I see absolutely nothing on this video.  the quality is too poor….

  4. geardoom3 says:

    90% of people have enough bandwitdh.  Please could you enhence the video because this is a video that so many people was waiting for.

  5. geardoom3 says:

    AWESOME Video.  I recommend it to anyone having trouble finding errors coming through with NotFound or very poor detail.

  6. Bill Campbell says:


    Wow! Thanks for the great content!! We spent the entire day working on some of these issues – too bad we hadn't just watched this video.

    You had mentioned that you were going to put in some links for topics in this video and I don't see any here. Would appreciate those.



  7. @Abhishek – you can do SL3 development with the SL4 runtime installed on the box. The runtime itself is backward compatible

    @Marc/geardoom3 – folks please click through to the original Channel 9 link which will give you a higher-quality option for the video. And feel free to leave your feedback on the original episode page, so John Papa can see it.

    @Bill – the links are up now



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