Cross-domain file for self-hosted TCP services

With the new transport (TCP) added in SL4, and a few people started asking how to serve the cross-domain policy file if the TCP service is self-hosted (like the same issue for cross-domain calls to self-hosted HTTP services). I published a new post to address this issue, again just using the web programming model capabilities of WCF (NetFX 3.5). The post is at

Carlos Figueira
WCF Team


Comments (2)

  1. Ahobul says:

    In my project i have wcf service which is hosted in windows service.

    I need to use this service in Silverlight Application which is in same solution.

    When am calling method available in wcf service am getting Cross-Domain service access.

    How can i solve this problem.

    Please help me out

  2. @Ahobul – find out what is the base address for your service. If it is something like net.tcp://foo:4502/bar/service.svc, then you Carlos' self-host sample to host a policy file over http://foo/clientaccesspolicy.xml

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