Be pushy with Push Notification in your game: Application Manifest File

First of all, you will need to enter a Publisher name in the Properties\WMAppManifest.xml file.  Change the Publisher from two quotes to the following (carriage returns added by author), for push to work you must type in a publisher name, make something up: <App xmlns=”” ProductID=”{781a18da-40e5-40ae-82e2-e7ce9ae8e1d4}” Title=”Trailer Trash JunkYard” RuntimeType=”XNA” Version=”″ Genre=”Apps.Normal” Author=”” Description=”” Publisher=”Trailer…


Part 1: Be pushy with Push Notification in your game: Background

Part 2: There a lot of urban definitions for the word “push”, in software “push” is where a dedicated channel is used for sending data TO a mobile application or game from a web service.  If you are a Civil engineer, you might be worried about push of the wind against a building and…


List of 5 things that are confusing: XAML? HTML 5? MetroRT? XNA? Direct X

WTF!  Life used to be so much easier, it was XNA and C#, life was good.  Now it’s XAML (and Silverlight), HTML 5, MetroRT, XNA and DirectX. Ok, here are some thoughts at the top of my mind: XAML, long live XAML, it is SOOOO much easier to work with then HTML 5.  If you…


Silverlight 5 writers like to say: You can reuse your XNA skills, but can you?

Have you noticed that Silverlight 5 writers like to make the statement that you can reuse your XNA skills, but the question is: Can You?  Usually in the same article you get the: Here are lines of code on how to use a Vertex, or use DirectX to compile the HSLT file.  Sometimes when I…


Jerry Nixon gives his phone apps the Finger, unlike Gisele Bundchen

Jerry Nixon, swell fella that he is, pointed out a great blog to me that details Expression Blend Behaviors.  But you have to check out his blog: He explains that one of my blog entries was incorrect.  Duh.  I simply program and write whatever pops in my brain at the time my fingers start…


Azure and Games: So where do games live?

Where do games live?  I like to ask that question and then watch the audience.  Most people know that a game arrives in their house and then they play it, maybe they take it to GameStop and sell it.  Otherwise, who cares? That means that the process works well, so well, that no one notices…


5 Reasons to use Azure when designing your Windows Phone Game

Reasons given in no particular order: Scalable CPU, so if you get those 20,000 users suddenly paying for a subscription, you can handle it Scalable Leaderboard, everyone wants to know how they rate against the other players, even with goofy games, especially with goofy games Fast storage that that can be co-located close to your…


Free ly: Using Expression Design with Expression Blend and XAML

Jerry Nixon is a team mate of mine and a funnier guy you would have difficulty finding, outside of Kenny Spade another team mate of mine.  If you were in 6th grade with either of these guys you would likely get gigged for deportment, but have fun getting the demerits. Anyway, Jerry told me once…


Free Water Scroll Viewer for Expression

This is sooo cool, you have got to get this Free Water Scroll Viewer and play with it.  Totally mind blowing if you add it to your application. I am working on figuring out how to add this to a phone application, love the look. Make sure to rate it,