Using Silverlight with an Apple Mac? Why? Give Expression Blend a try

Wow, can a Mac shop do silverlight development?  Is Expression Blend better than Flash?  Zoom over to the URL to read an older article about a Mac only shop that gave Silverlight a try. Now that Silverlight has improved since then, as well as the Expression Blend tool, you can give Expression Blend 4…


Silverlight Game Engine?

Every once in awhile I look around for a Silverlight Game Engine.  When I do a search and I get the Popfly Game Engine toward the top of the search return, it shows that there isn’t much activity.  Why?  Popfly is dead.  The engine could be useful but it isn’t really functional.  It appears that…

Create games on your Windows Phone 7

Wow, create Windows Phone 7 based games using only your phone!  Really?  Seriously!  Awesome! First get a Windows Phone 7, Verizon (HTC Trophy, $99 with 2-year contract, monthly charges of course): ATT(HTC HD7S, $99 with 2-year contract, monthly charges of course): How to get started in creating games using TouchDevelop, take a look…

Getting started with Silverlight

The lead page of this web site gives you the step by step process to get started with Silverlight: Once you get everything loaded and working, now get started with learning: Other than that, I don’t have much.  I still can’t get a read on what is going to happen with HTML 5…

Silverlight: Quick and Dirty UX Testing

Testing always get my reader, yes you are the only reader of this blog, so thank you for viewing this blog, it makes me happy, sooo excited.  But really, it is something that the people who hire developers like to find if you know anything about testing, so view this video to find out about…

Silverlight 5: 3D, What the HECK!

This fresh video is just for your summer viewing!  Don’t read this, click the video, amazing stuff. You might want to download the Babylon Engine and Toolkit from: And toolkit: Have fun, let me know about any links to your beautiful code!

Working with animations on the Windows Phone

This video is useful because it covers how to create a game concept and maintain your design vision.  Game Loop and other important things are covered. Note: there is no example code, so follow the video carefully.


Silverlight Free Tutorial Series

I am not writing this one, Scott Guthrie wrote a series of tutorials, and as far as I can tell it works just as well with Silverlight 5, it is pretty basic and I would recommend it for anyone who is beginning in silverlight. Get started at the following link: