Building a HTML5 game based on the Metro Design Philosophy using Blend for Visual Studio

First, you will need to follow a lengthy and somewhat boring tutorial, keep in mind that boredom is part of learning.  It is hard, historically, to learn during times of panic, battle or in fear of your life, during those times you should be applying what you have learned during the quiet and somewhat boring…


Getting started with HTML 5 and JavaScript

Oh-oh, it may be true that if you wait long enough everything comes back into fashion.  HTML 5, Javascript/ECMAScript are back in fashion. First you need to have the ability to run a web host on your machine.  If you don’t want to use Visual Studio, then there are python based web hosting tools. If…


Expression Design produces files for HTML 5!? This is just crazy talk.

As some would say on my team: Expression Suite is dead.  I say (and so does Jerry Nixon): Long Live Expression Suite!  Expression Design is awesome, even if the documentation seems out of date, but all of the Expression 2 stuff on the Expression Web site is valid, so use it. With Expression Design it…


MAYNOT BE REALLY: Free Book on HTML 5 game programming and another on animation

Earlier today I wrote the following entry (with links included, now removed) Sweet free book on HTML 5 game programming!  If you are patient, Addison-Wesley tries to get you buy a subscription to get the “fast” download.  They make you wait for 25 seconds and then you do a “slow” download.  Not too bad. URL…


HTML 5: Canvas as a place to play

I keep trying to write this post but just can’t get a solid start.  So stick with me, no matter what, I am posting something. HTML 5 only supports one kind of shape: rectangle.  To draw other shapes you need to use paths like an arc. Let’s draw a rectangle and a circle on a…


HTML 5 or Silverlight 5, which will Microsoft choose for the next O/S

I have gotten a lot of questions around this: HTML 5 seems to be the choice for Microsoft in the next version of Windows O/S.  Yes that is exactly the clause that many people seem to be focused on.  Really?  Microsoft is going to support HTML 5.  It supports HTML 4.  Silverlight is a product…


HTML 5: Add an audio player to your webpage for Free!

In this MSDN article HTML 5 is used to add an audio player to a web site and that web site could be yours! Start with: Then refer to this page: You can add your own music if classical doesn’t bust a whatever for you.


Free Learning from Microsoft: How to program HTML 5

  HTML 5 is emerging as an important technology so you better learn how to use it.  If you know HTML right now, then you should know about the differences between the HTML 4 and HTML 5 because it is different. One way to do this is to use the HTML 5 learning Center at:…


Silverlight is dead, so says Dan Wahlin

Dan also says the Moon is made of cheese and that HTML 5 is ready for Prime Time.  Ummm, must be reading my blogs. In this blog at: , Dan answers the questions: Is Silverlight Dead? Is HTML 5 ready for prime time? But he doesn’t answer the question: Is the Moon made of…


Free Silverlight 5: HTML 5, a comparison

The blog Eternal Coding does an excellent job of comparing Silverlight 5 versus HTML 5.  Of course the boils down to XAML versus HTML 5. It is a great read, you might want to print it out and take it to the beach (I still can’t bring myself to taking personal electronics to the beach)….