Research: Holo Deck from Star Trek, brought to you by Kinect

Oh this is amazing!  The Sensor Research folks have come up with a really cool 3D system, and so my prediction, maybe as late as last week that 3D interactive suites was dead, the prediction is dead.  Wow. Check out the video:  


IE 9, HTML 5 and Video support

Weird, the Chrome fans seem to think that IE9 doesn’t support video.  But the following site seems to indicate that IE 9 does support video: Ok, it’s a Microsoft site, but the site: The referenced link in the normally excellent html5tutorial states in April 2011, a month after the release of IE 9…


Dennis Ritchie, creator of C programming language, passes away

Wow, I remember wearing out a few of the K&R books, and for the old people like me you know what I mean.  Although I was much more of a BASIC programmer, as much of my work early on was in test systems and BASIC was used a lot on those machines.  I did do…


Using Silverlight with an Apple Mac? Why? Give Expression Blend a try

Wow, can a Mac shop do silverlight development?  Is Expression Blend better than Flash?  Zoom over to the URL to read an older article about a Mac only shop that gave Silverlight a try. Now that Silverlight has improved since then, as well as the Expression Blend tool, you can give Expression Blend 4…


Microsoft Expression Preview for Silverlight 5 with Sketchflow, cool

Oh, what a weekend, a great session at DeVry University, hardworking students find out how to create and post Windows Phone Apps!  I think that XNA is the way to go for Windows Phone 7, but not everyone agrees with that opinion.  And I agree, so let’s dig into the Microsoft Expression Blend Preview for…


Silverlight Game Engine?

Every once in awhile I look around for a Silverlight Game Engine.  When I do a search and I get the Popfly Game Engine toward the top of the search return, it shows that there isn’t much activity.  Why?  Popfly is dead.  The engine could be useful but it isn’t really functional.  It appears that…


HTML 5: Canvas as a place to play

I keep trying to write this post but just can’t get a solid start.  So stick with me, no matter what, I am posting something. HTML 5 only supports one kind of shape: rectangle.  To draw other shapes you need to use paths like an arc. Let’s draw a rectangle and a circle on a…


Game Design: Abusive Game Design or is it just Lusory?

In game design the designer and player/s are in a special kind of relationship, the game designer is the player advocate.  An abusive games would be a game that “…recast the nature of play as a dialogic interplay between player and designer.”  What is a dialogic interplay?  The term dialogic is from a the work…


Testing your game: Determining the Game Playability

Playability and usability are two different things, but are closely related, here are some heuristics that could be used in creating a game survey. Is the player’s time wasted? Does the game handle interruptions Can the player control sound and game play depending on the environment Use common styles Help the player The device UI…


Testing your games: Survey for Game Usability

Ok, you have been working on your game, maybe you turned into for a grade at school, or you got it up on AppHub.  Your best friend doesn’t want to talk about the game, seriously, they walked away from you the last time you brought it up.  How do you know your game is actually…