5 Reasons to use Azure when designing your Windows Phone Game

Reasons given in no particular order: Scalable CPU, so if you get those 20,000 users suddenly paying for a subscription, you can handle it Scalable Leaderboard, everyone wants to know how they rate against the other players, even with goofy games, especially with goofy games Fast storage that that can be co-located close to your…

Expression Blend 4: Gaming the system: Moving an object on the screen

We all know that guy who is always gaming the system, it’s so irritating, you don’t quite know how he does it, and his career kind of sucks, but somehow he figures it out.  Of course in software there are a lot of people who game the system, here is a clue: Software is about…


Free Ly: Expression Design, XAML and Expression Blend, why bother?

Why bother with Expression Design and convert a perfectly good image from PNG to XAML and then have to make into a usercontrol in Expression Blend?  Why I ask you?  Isn’t this just an added step? Umm, good question oh writer of this blog.   Answer: This is useful for using the artwork in: Animations…


Free ly: Using Expression Design with Expression Blend and XAML

Jerry Nixon is a team mate of mine and a funnier guy you would have difficulty finding, outside of Kenny Spade another team mate of mine.  If you were in 6th grade with either of these guys you would likely get gigged for deportment, but have fun getting the demerits. Anyway, Jerry told me once…


Free Water Scroll Viewer for Expression

This is sooo cool, you have got to get this Free Water Scroll Viewer and play with it.  Totally mind blowing if you add it to your application. I am working on figuring out how to add this to a phone application, love the look. http://gallery.expression.microsoft.com/waterScroll/view/Reviews Make sure to rate it,  

Free Tool for XAML: XamlPadX 4.0

This is a freaking awesome tool for checking your Xaml quickly and it’s free.  Check it out at: XamlPadX 4.0

Tombstone Territory: Saving Silverlight/XNA State of your WP7 Game

In my other blog I have been covering a number of Tombstoning articles: A general article about Tombstoning: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/devschool/archive/2012/01/09/tombstoning-in-windows-phone-7.aspx A poorly titled article, but useful if you don’t know about the way that App.XAML.CS works with respect to the phone: Tombstone territory: Preparing the App.XAML.CS for Tombstoning Kenny Spade also wrote a great article about…