HTML 5 Metro Game Design: Adding an App Bar to the Memory Game

You built the memory game, and you want to add some controls, not navigational controls, never add navigation to the app bar in any language.

Make sure to review the following, if you were around during the paper documentation days, you get the manual then certain pages would wear out after awhile, in this case you should refer to this document often and during idle times:

Guidelines and checklist for app bars (Metro style apps), Note: The links at the bottom of the page seem to be for C++, not HTML 5/JavaScript, have no idea why this isn’t fixed.

Then the correct QuickStart

Quickstart: adding an app bar with commands (Metro style apps using JavaScript and HTML)

Now that you have the HTML 5 Memory game working, try this article out as a way to convert your application.  Let me know via the comments how the Quickstart worked for you.

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