Where are the Windows based Kinect Games?

Just curious, where are the Windows Based Kinect games?  Or do we have to create world stopping apps like on Coding4Fun?  Geez, what if I just want to build and create a stupid game?

Coding4Fun has become more like Coding4Serious on the Kinect.  Also what is up with the XNA projects, ok, makes sense for people who want to make games for XBox and that is fun, but what about if I want to build out a hobby machine that uses Kinect and I want to use it in a Metro App?  Will that use XNA?  If not what is the transition plan?  Sure there is the T-Shirt turret cannon, but I don’t have that hardware, nor will I spend money on it.  There is the Jelly Bean chair, nice job Clint!  But what about just simple basic games for fun?

Again, just curious.  What do you think?

I got a lot on my mind with the Windows 8 app situation and would like to take a break and just have some fun.

Where are the Windows 7 Kinect games?  Like with scoring, competition and using collaboration?  Hoping the genius of Dan and Clint are scheming away at that right now.

All I am seeing is Raymond Chambers repurposing the skeletal tracking app quite well.  But were are the example or even documentation for hoverbuttons?  Oh Raymond does a good job.  But more is needed. 

Otherwise I will have to do some actual work.  Which I usually avoid. 

Let me know what you think, and if you have Kinect Game, as in Game, not a class assignment, not a cannon, but a game.  Even a game that uses the XNA Platformer.

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  1. Tic Tac Toe Move - Kinect for Windows game. says:

    Hi, Bin Motion have developed their first game for Windows 7


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