Part 1: Be pushy with Push Notification in your game: Background

Part 2:

There a lot of urban definitions for the word “push”, in software “push” is where a dedicated channel is used for sending data TO a mobile application or game from a web service.  If you are a Civil engineer, you might be worried about push of the wind against a building and that is part of your work to make sure that the building doesn’t fall down.  If you are a mechanical engineer you might be concerned about push which could be incorrectly defined as the amount of force required to cause an object to reach a certain speed with friction subtracted from the total forces.  If you an electrical engineer push might be the amount of electrical current which uses the units of amperes.  For software developers, on any mobile platform, the use of push notifications is critical to sharing information and status.

Azure or Push, here is an explanation of Azure and how to build a quick app by Jerry Nixon:

For example Jerry Nixon shows how to create a Windows Phone Application using Cloud in 5 minutes at:

Not a way that I was thinking about when I started this article so it doesn’t count:

Which is well written and works great!  But let’s break it down a little.  And I am working through something right now.

Do you always have to create a web service for Web Services? Yes & No

Yes: Someone has to build the web services

No: You can consume them in your app without building a web service that performs the push


In the case of using a web service for example the NOAA that transmits data about weather in a way that is “pushed” to servers, laptops, mobile apps and even games (say a sailing game that uses near real time data on wind speeds and directions).  For the NOAA you can learn more about Push notifications at:, and people outside of Southern California always seem to be worried about weather.  With respect to SoCal, if you want to see what the weather is like see the movie LA Story, that pretty much sums up the LA experience.  But for everyone else… you could create an NOAA app.

Push Notification, which is what I wanted to talk about anyway

Back to game design using Push Notification, let’s work on a “push” from a web service.  HTTP Notification be generated by a governmental agency, an advertisement server, Azure  and so forth.  The reason you will need to learn about Push Notification, it will help you combine web design with your Phone or Metro design.  To review the guidelines see the link:

Send and Receive Raw Notifications for Windows Phone from ASP.NET, this could tie your game to a Web Page that you can repurpose without having to change your phone app. Link:

Conclusion for this article:

As I have a goal to keep my blogs short, I am concluding this one abruptly, and will continue onto the next post.

In conclusion:

  • Review the video link so that you have a good idea of what Push notification is and isn’t
  • Push is best effort, which means it is not guanateed
  • Eventually, you will likely want to set up your own secure Web Authenticated Web Service, Unauthenticated Web services are throttled, some say 500 push notifications a day, which easily hit.


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