Building a website for your game company

To get started with building a game company you will need a website that you can control the architecture and systems.  There are some excellent sited that are inexpensive that you can use, but controlling your own site has benefit$, yep, your own site means that you can make more money and drive more traffic to your game.  So how to get started?

Silverlight, HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript (or Javascript?) jQuery and the open sourced ASP.NET MVC3.  One of the ways to get started is to go over the very through Project Silk web based training at:

Treat as you would a paper book, this series of web articles covers the design, security and maintenance of a well designed web site that can make you money.

Also, make sure to include a process for your website will implement a mobile user presentation.  I have notices a number of new websites that don’t take that into consideration.  Ask yourself: “How often do I view websites on my phone?” 

Even if you are design phone apps like a crazy person, it is still important that you have a well constructed web site.

Incorporation of HTML5 and ECMAScritp/JavaScript on your web site with games, can really spice up your site.

If you build your own site then you

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  1. Jason says:

    Lots of grammar mistakes and typos for a MSDN blog post…  "There are some excellent sited", "the very through Project Silk", "a process for your website will implement a mobile user", "I have notices a", "Even if you are design phone apps",

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks for the pointer; the post seems to trail off with "If you build your own site then you…" the nothing more.    Is it just me, or did the rest get truncated?

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