Free shout out for a commenter on my blog

Always nice to get what appears to be a valid link to someone who does web design in my comments, so I thought that I would drive a little traffic to SquarePear in the UK:

Looks like they do work for people on Web Design, etc.  Their 404 page is a crack up, gnarly’d dude? Really from the UK, I thought that would have been from where I am located in SoCal.  Oh well.

Take a look, let me know if they are worthwhile, I have no idea if they are, but I like their design.

And I always appreciate good comments, and even a hint of spam.  Just not spam that helps me grow certain parts of my body larger, you know what I mean.

However, Windows Phone App designers, feel free to leave a comment, do not email me, and I will check your web site.  If I like it, then I will comment on it in my blog.  That way you and my mom will be able to see your work.  But if I don’t feel my mother will like it, then don’t bother.

Check out squarepear and let me know.  Good luck squarepear!


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  1. Hmmm…. then it seems you haven't 404ed here….

    Brent already is with "certain parts of my body larger, you know what I mean"


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