Expression Design: Ellipse, Clone the Ellipse, Cut a Path using the ellipse

Cloning?  No kidding.

In this blog we will clone an ellipse, connect the two clones and then use path operations to create an interesting object.

To begin: Open Expression Design, the canvas can be any size.

The table below gives a pretty much step by step process.


make it look like a circle using the Ellipse tool (you can use the letter L) image
Yes, a circle, or a square image
Now add a single ellipse that looks like an Egg, and make it look at the figure at the left: image
Hover the selection icon over the ellipse that you selected, at the same time press the ALT key and drag the ellipse, you should see two ellipses when you do that. 
Note: Do not select the oval before pressing the Alt Key.

  • image

The correct sequence of keys is:

  • Move the cursor into the ellipse but do not select the object
  • Press the Alt key followed by the drag of the mouse which should have a white arrow with a little black arrow in the ellipse
  • Now drag you should see a second ellipse, this is a “cloned” object
Now, let’s use the path operation.  Your image might look like this: image
Select all three of the objects, the two ellipses and the circle image
Use the Path Operations menu
Back Minus Front
Your image should look like the one to the left. image
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