MAYNOT BE REALLY: Free Book on HTML 5 game programming and another on animation

Earlier today I wrote the following entry (with links included, now removed)

Sweet free book on HTML 5 game programming!  If you are patient, Addison-Wesley tries to get you buy a subscription to get the “fast” download.  They make you wait for 25 seconds and then you do a “slow” download.  Not too bad.


I have only done a quick review, but it looks ok, as in I didn’t check out the code and content deeply.

I then tried the following download and had to wait 5 min 45 seconds for the slow download, so it appears that the slow download:


Take a look, the price is right, it’s FREE!

Two of my readers commented that the URLs that I gave may have been uploads without the permission of the author or publisher.  Now I like free stuff as well as any websurfer and I need HTML 5 game programming knowledge, but I also want to respect the author’s right to compensation.


Thank you JM and Greg Duncan for pointing this out!

Greg Duncan’s website can be found at:

JM, I will be happy to post your website as well, you can email from the blog if you want.


Comments (3)

  1. jm says:

    I'm not sure it's "really" free…Sounds too good to be true !…/ref=sr_1_1

  2. Greg Duncan says:

    I agree with JM… Are you really sure this is legally free?

    "Addison-Wesley" isn't trying to get you to buy a faster download, it's the filepost site that is…

    If you search for that book there's a number of copies around the web, all on torrent, etc sites.

  3. Surf4Fun says:

    Hey jm and Greg Duncan!  I am going to delete the URLs and modify the post right away, thank you.  It looked like the publisher posted the material, but ti turns out this may not be case.