Free Ly: Expression Design, XAML and Expression Blend, why bother?

Why bother with Expression Design and convert a perfectly good image from PNG to XAML and then have to make into a usercontrol in Expression Blend?  Why I ask you?  Isn’t this just an added step?

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This is useful for using the artwork in:

  • Animations
  • Convert the artwork into user interface (UI) elements such as a background image
  • Use the image as a UserControl
  • The Image as a UserControl will minimize the pixel effect
  • Useful if the image is a Office clipart with the file extension of wmf (Windows MetaFile)

How to export from Expression design and how to import the exported image in to Expression Blend

What is a Windows MetaFile?


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  1. What is up wth this blog?  Sliverlight gmaes doesn't seem to be in htis psot

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