Free and Freaking AWESOME: 3-D Sample for Silverlight 5

imageWow, check out this sample of a 3-D realtime engine.  This is just freaking awesome!

Download this immediately, that is if you are experimenting with Silverlight 5.  Otherwise, ignore it!

It contains (and I cut and pasted this from the link above in case you missed it):





Babylon Toolkit provides a complete toolbox for Silverlight 5 3D.
It includes:

  • A complete Effect class with shaders and parameters support (with an integrate shaders and registers cache system)
  • A Model/ModelMesh/ModelMeshPart object model
  • A ModelContent/ModelMeshContent/ModelMeshPartContent object model to create Model hierarchy
  • An importation system with support for .OBJ files
  • Cameras classes:
    • Orbit camera
    • Regular camera
  • A BasicEffect for simple rendering modes which supports:
    • Diffuse color & texture
    • Specular color & texture
    • Bump texture
    • Ambient color
    • Point light
  • Pre-defined effects:
    • BasicEffect3Lights (3 directionals lights instead of 1 position light)
    • CartoonEffect (work in progress)
    • SkinnedEffect (with normal and specular map support)
    • SplattingEffect (for multi-texturing with smooth and precise transitions)
    • VertexColorEffect (very light for non textured meshes)
  • Ray intersections system
    • BoundingSphere
    • Mesh vs Ray
  • Particles System
  • Primitives creation tools
    • Box
    • Sphere
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