Silver Putt



I LOVE Miniature Golf, and Silver Putt uses a basic Miniature Golf for the design, and NAILS IT.  You can create your own miniature golf course, the editor is a little clunky, but not too bad, and I sure as heck couldn’t do better.  I come away from this game with a feeling that I would like to spend more time with it, so it gets points for addiction.  The play is great: IF YOU LIKE MINIATURE GOLF.

One of the great things is that the game allows you to share game designs, which makes the whole thing a social event!


With respect to addictive properties, this game is a plus, if you are designing games, I would really make it be like golf.

As to play, well if you aren’t into miniature golf, there could be a negative, if you like miniature golf, then this is the game for you.

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  1. Matthew says:

    I like playing golf, but nothing beats playing with an actual club in your hands.  When I can't go out, I just play using the ball targets from…/putt-a-round.  No batteries needed to have fun. 🙂

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